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Good luck this upcoming season and we hope to see you in one of our portable hunting blinds! Josh Simonis - CEO

Don't overlook one huge mistake most people make with hunting fields. It is the difficulty in leaving the blind or any stand without being busted. If traveling through the woods it usually is not a big deal. But if you need to walk a tree line cutting your trail to scent check if you have arrived yet before entering the field. This is by far the best method though sometimes not the easiest. I use to have my wife come out in the truck and drive right to my blind. Yep you are saying WHAT (you will want to ask a friend if your wife or girlfriend is not a hunter) but think about it, when deer see a vehicle coming they associate that with a limited danger presence and something coming and going in a matter of minutes and that hardly ever is associated with being a predator.  Another good way is a buddy coming with a four wheeler the same way as with a truck, they hear it coming and leaving. But if they hear you drive in and park they are smart enough to know that you haven't left and will not show until after dark. This method works really well with a bait pile as you continually drive in and dump corn and then drive out. They start to associate the ATV or UTV with food and as soon as you leave they appear. So have a buddy drive in drop you and then leave to return after you have harvested an animal to pick you up. This method works so well with hogs that you will usually have one down within 15 minutes after being dropped off.

Ground Blind Hunting Setup

How to dress for ground blind hunting

The Badgerland 64 hunting Blind one of the first portable 4’ by 6’ blind you can take anywhere anytime. Made out of recycled plastic just like the Badgerland 44 this blind is lightweight, durable, portable, universal and easy to set up. Again tongue and groove corners for maximum scent control and warmth. With this hunting blind weighting less than 160 lbs you can take this blind to your remote location that even a one piece or even two piece blind could not get into or reach. This blind made for sportsman looking for a universal blind want it for rifle hunting, turkey hunting, bow hunting, or even ice fishing the Badgerland 64 is the way to go. The most important part is that all Badgerland Hunting Blinds are MADE IN THE USA.

One of the Badgerland 64’s feature is that you can put the door on either the 4’ side or even the 6’ side a great
universal option when put a blind up. No need to worry about where your going to put the blind so the door is in the right spot. Now you have the option to put the door where you want. Badgerland Hunting Blinds, LLC has just created a blind that can be used for a 4’ by 4’ and with the same side walls you can make your current blind a 4’ by 6’ blind. So what I mean by that is with the purchase a Badgerland 24 kit for your 4’ by 4’ blind and assembled together you now just took your Badgerland 44 and have made Badgerland 64. No need to spend thousands on two blinds when all you have to do is purchase a kit and you can make a larger blind. The way to go if you want to use by yourself or if you want to use with more than one person. Try that with any other blind!




Badgerland Hunting Blinds has developed a portable hunting blind that is light, durable and universal. Made by hunters and ice fishermen and built to withstand the forces of nature for years of use. When maneuvering it is easy and pulls just like a sled for those remote deer hunting blind locations. Easily pulls behind an ATV or snowmobile for ice fishing and will hold your favorite gear as well. Designed to assemble in minutes so you can spend more time hunting or fishing and we know how important that is when it's cold outside. This dual purpose portable hunting blind is a must for the avid sportsman looking for a rugged and long lasting ice fishing house, bow hunting ground blind, a series of box blinds for your property, or just lightweight and portable hunting blinds. For pricing and ordering information CLICK HERE

Portable Hunting Blinds

How to leave a field undetected from a ground blind

The best morning ground blind setups in any part of the hunting season tend to be bottlenecks from food sources to bedding areas. The beauty of using a quality ground blind is that some of the best of these deer funnels occur where good, concealed tree stand sites do not exist. Brushy fence lines are top spots and can be easy to see the travel patterns by the deposits of animal hair on the wire where they jump the fence.

Also points of land protruding into a field where deer will use these to exit while traveling to their bedding sites. Always be sure of your route to your hunting blind and take the 
least intrusive path as not to spook game in the field. Most of the time this is not the quickest route to your blind location but you will quickly see it is the most productive.

Where to Setup for ground blind hunting in the morning

Ground Blind Hunting Tips

Don't make the mistake of wearing blaze orange or snow camo once inside your blind! Dress in black and make sure your hands and face are covered so that you blend in with the shadows and dark inside walls of the blind. It's amazing how well animals can see into blinds and many hunters don't realize that they didn't spook from the blind itself, but from seeing hunters move. Remember to check your local gun hunting regulations and apply the appropriate amount of blaze orange to the outside of your blind prior to hunting.

Always be sure to hunt food sources in the evenings. This is when deer and turkey are filtering to the fields, bait piles or feeder. Morning is never recommended for a food source because it carries the highest percentage for you to spook game as animals will feed all night and stay very close to the food source, once spooked they are sure to remember. The outcome is always the same, over time you see less and less animals especially deer. The best field setup is on a corner just a few feet inside the brush line so you can see along your left and right edges as animals poke out to enter the field. Then obviously be sure to trim brush so you can look out over the entire landscape. This method works great for standing corn while deer hunting with a ground blind.  It seems I never can find a good tree that allows me to look in both directions. That's been the key to our success in using a portable hunting blind, you can make it fit just about anywhere

Tips For Successful Ground Blind Hunting


The Badgerland 44 Hunting Blinds are made in the USA out of a medium density recycled polyethylene. The walls are a ice fishing adventures. Badgerland Hunting Blinds are easily assembled from the inside, light enough for one person assembly and the roof is easily installed with a cotter pin construction and again may be done by only one person. The portable hunting blind door has been designed and molded right into a wall itself so no assembly is required. What Badgerland Hunting Blinds has come up with is the least expensive best designed portable hunting blind on the market today.



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Badgerland Hunting Blinds
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